Multimedia and HCI Final Project Game Manual

This post is the guide to our game.

Name of the Game: Package Delivery.

By: Adrian Pratama Suharto, Fauzan Ihsan and Christian Renato Sutandi.

The game main menu screenshot:


Information about the Game: This game is a demonstration of what is the job of a red blood cell in a bloodstream. It teaches biology.

How to Play: You control the red blood cell with arrow keys. Bacteria will chase you if you are close to them. White blood cells are stationary and you need to come to them.

How to Play menu screenshot:


How the game works:

Your job is to deliver oxygen to all white blood cells. The white blood cells are scattered around the maze. There are also bacteria which you must run away from. The bacteria will chase you if you are close to them. After delivering all oxygen to the white blood cells, you leave the bloodstream. You need to deliver the oxygen to all white blood cells first. If you don’t do it yet the exit is blocked by an invisible wall, and you can’t leave. You also have three lives. Your life is deducted by one each time a bacteria catches you. If your life reaches zero it will be a game over. Each time a bacteria catches you, you will be back at the start of the maze. There is also a indicator beside your lives. This indicator indicates how much white blood cells there are left you need to deliver oxygen too.

Gameplay screenshot:



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